Ellie Helme


Ellie has been passionate about excellent design, particularly furniture and interior design, from a young age.

She achieved an MSc Forensic Science from Kings College London before working as a forensic scientist for 11 years.  During this time she continued to develop her passion for Interior Design, studying upholstery and working on a number of personal renovation and design projects. With her passion and flair for interior design she was often consulted upon to assist friends with their own projects. 

In order to realise her passion for Interior Design, Ellie left a career in Forensic Science to study at the Institute of Interior Design, gaining a diploma in Interior Design. 

Wolf Grey was founded by Ellie in 2013 with the aim to provide an interior design service that is accessible, fun and inspiring. 

"We work closely with clients to create fresh, unique and timeless interiors that reflect your personality. We understand that each space provides its own unique challenges and we work tirelessly to meet these challenges and provide practical stylish solutions, whatever the budget". 



Ellie is an avid collector of vintage and modern design pieces, with a particular interest in chairs. The fusion of these vintage pieces with clean contemporary backdrops and bold geometric accessories has become her signature style.



We believe that interior design should not only be beautiful and functional but also be sympathetic to the environment. With this in mind we aim to design responsibly, encouraging re-use of original pieces.